Happy Dining!

March 2, 2016 by LolaBelleCo - No Comments

Do you have a room in your house that you’re just in awe of? A room that makes you happy to be in it? We recently sold our house and I find myself missing my dining room.


I’m not sure what it was exactly about the room, whether it was the natural light that always made the room so bright, even on a cloudy day, or maybe it was because it was the only room in my house that seemed to stay clean. As a mother of 3 amazing and messy kids, my home has never been pinterest perfect.

image2 (3)

And even though I’m no Martha Stewart, and my home was messy and loud, it was a home that was loved.


I loved the people in it, and filled it with things I loved to look at. I will always cherish this home and the memories made, but I’m looking forward to creating a new favorite room in my new home.