Cute Bed set available at Lola Belle Co Furniture Store in Southern Maryland

7 Things To Remember When Choosing A Furniture Store in Southern Maryland

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Cute Bed set available at Lola Belle Co Furniture Store in Southern Maryland

7 Things to Remember When Choosing a Furniture Store in Southern Maryland

1. Locally Owned and Operated.
This matters because the money you spend in St. Mary’s county will stay in Southern Maryland. The money you spend here will be spent on my daughters dance lessons, school events, local restaurants, and our activity in charity work.
2. Interior Design service
Whether you choose our interior design service or not, our experience can help guide you into a well furnished room.
3. Friendly service.
You’ll always be greeted with a smile, and the owner (me) is available at any time to help you or the employee helping you. That’s a big difference from a larger big box furniture company. Their owner is rarely at an individual store that you visit. That is our hallmark!
4. Quality Built furniture.
One of the big differences between a small furniture operation and a mass produced location is the quality. Mass produced furniture is often compromised with particle board making up structurally integral parts of the furniture! A big no no. We have real hardwood framed furniture, quality build by hand from small shops without the expense or high overhead of larger operations.
5. Unique, hard to find items.
You wont find mass produced items here. Our items are beautiful, unique, and made to last
6. Experience
We have been doing interior design for decades now, and were even invited to help decorate Oprah Winfrey’s best friends house. What a privilege!
7. Boutique Style Feel with a large selection.
Our location in Leonardtown is huge! Yet we do it all without repeating products. We have art, home d├ęcor, lighting, curtains, drapes, bedroom sets, sofas, couches and more! Come visit us in for our Large Furniture Sale in Southern Maryland.

Interior Design St Mary’s County

Instead of visiting us, why don’t you invite us into your home and we’ll decorate it for you. At a low rate of $125, we will manage the interior design of a room or an entire house!