Big gratitude for a big project.

April 6, 2017 by LolaBelleCo - No Comments

Have you ever had that overwhelming feeling of gratitude and you don’t even know how to express it? That’s exactly how I felt last Monday.

Monday was the ribbon cutting for a very large project that as a designer you only dream of. Back in September, Medstar St. Mary’s Hospital contacted Lola Belle to help design a project they were were working on to attract doctors in their residency to our area.

Medstar was building four apartments within walking distance of the hospital and in the heart of Leonardtown. The big question they faced is how do you compete with big hospitals in big cities? You create a place where the doctors can feel at home. A place after a long day they can relax and rejuvenate. That’s where we came in. What designer wouldn’t jump to have four empty canvases to design and create in!?

This project was a learning curve for me for sure. As my Lola girls will tell you, I can have a hard time letting go of things, and this was the first large project that I wasn’t the head designer. Michelle had taken this project and I made the choice to step back and let one of my birds leave the nest.

After months of designing, planning, and organizing Michelle’s vision came to life and I am so proud of her.

As I stood at the ribbon cutting ceremony and listened to all the people ooh and ah over Michelle’s design, I felt the gratitude pour over me. Thankful that I am blessed to do what I love, blessed to have great employees, and blessed to be standing in that moment watching my little bird fly away and soar.

Living in such a fast paced world that constantly fills our lives with clutter and distraction it is so good to be able to be still in the moment and relish in your blessings. So, to all my Lola clients thank you for being one of my constant blessings and keeping this girl dreaming of what’s next.