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    Furniture Store Southern Maryland

    Lola Belle is a niche furniture store in Southern Maryland. Right in the heart of St. Mary’s county, we are the pride of this small town, this beautiful boutique was featured on the Oprah Winfrey show in November 2014, to help design a home for one of Oprah’s friends. We are so grateful for such a opportunity to show off our designs, and now we want you to come into our furniture store boutique, and see what we can do for the interior design of your home

    Interior Design St Mary’s County

    Our surprisingly affordable interior design packages will beautify your home whether you live in St Mary’s County, or another part of Southern Maryland. Give Lola Belle Co. a call for all your interior design, and new furniture needs. We only charge a flat rate of $125, so our plans are extremely affordable for what we offer. How often have you gotten the experience that even Oprah Winfrey called on for such an affordable price. We have such cute furnishings and home décor at our command to decorate your home that youre sure to be happy with your new room, or entire home!

    Our Southern Md locally sourced Furnishings

    Southern Md is our home, and we appreciate interacting with the community. We are very active in charity work here in the St. Mary’s County community, and enjoy giving back. Please come say Hi, just check out our furniture store boutique. Many of our bedroom sets, sofas, and couches are locally sourced, if not from the southern part of the state, at least from the Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. area. We believe first in giving high quality, appealing furniture and to do that we will source from wherever we need to in order to satisfy our customers, but we always start looking locally first, from smaller vendors and suppliers in the Delmarva area. We recognize that we are asking you to buy from a small, local company. Buying from a national chain or a larger company gets you big box products, and sends the money outside of the state. Buying from Lola Belle gets you unique furniture, the experience that even the rich and famous have called on, and a genuine interest in your happiness with your home.

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    Welcome to Lola Belle!

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